1. Photography Tour: Bhutan is one of the best places in the world where myriads of beautiful
    and jaw-dropping scenery of snowcapped peaks of Himalayas and places are yet to be captured
    by the lenses of a great photographer like you. Thus, TB E offers opportunity for both
    professional and amateur photographers to have a best and unique photos in any desired
    photography genres. Let the limit of your lenses go beyond the height of Himalayas!
  2. Motor Bike and Cycling Tour: Bhutan is a mountainous country with almost about 95% of
    its transportation road winding and bending through clean and alluring hills and mountain passes.
    While Bhutan displays its beauty in countless forms, you can have a memorable and adventurous
    ride on mountain roads. You can either have road cycling or motor bike ride on road or off roads
    and can even have light day in and around beautiful places suggested by TB E for our guest with
    best day itinerary for both the activities.
  3. Wedding and Honeymoon Tour: Bhutan offers the best wedding spots and amazing places
    to celebrate your new lives. Experience a unique wedding celebration in Bhutanese tradition and
    cultural ceremony to have faithful and happy marriage life for couples forever. Whether you’re
    looking for a wedding place or somewhere for honeymoon, Bhutan is the ideal place to start your
    lives together.
  4. Bird Watching and Nature Tour: Bhutan is a paradise for birds. More than 300 species of
    birds are found dwelling in the well preserved forest of Bhutan. No wonder that Bhutan has
    become the most visited country for birds’ watchers across the globe. It also offers a great place
    for botanical study as country has beautiful nature with rich and wide variety of flora and fauna.
  5. River Rafting and Hot Spring Tour: Bhutan has a beautiful and clean rivers for rafting that
    will leave an unforgettable experience in your life. It also offers you an opportunity to dip in
    amazing hot springs that have great medicinal values to have healthy life. TB E offers best
    itineraries for both the activities.